AW21/22 CORE

Leon Emanuel Blanck’s Winter 2021 CORE collection takes you to the very essence of his ANFRACTUOUS DISTORTION universe. In order not to appear unnecessarily threatening or gloomy, the colour black was deliberately avoided.

Natural sand tones were chosen instead to indicate the most crucial factors in Leon’s work: the seamwork, sometimes aggressive, sometimes gentle – anatomical imprints of the human form – draped and modified during movement of the body, resulting in carved out elbows and knees. The human anatomy with all its imperfections is formed as a whole – intensifying and re-shaping it’s characteristics. Wearable shells with augmented peculiarities.¬†Within his most recent endeavors also animals have been formed and constructed such as the GOAT Bag or the Sloth Phone Holder, complementing earlier works such as the Transplant Harness, the Hand Bag or the Pregnant Lady Backpack.

For the first time ever, Leon Emanuel Blanck has been working on jewelry. The LIQUID collection is made from 925 Sterling Silver and 18k Gold featuring cuffs, rings and bracelets.

Photography: Victor Sajenko