With our SS24 collection, titled ‘Thin Red Line’ the atelier of LEON EMANUEL BLANCK proudly presents one of our most personal collections to date. 

The theme of ‘battle’ offers itself as this collections main inspiration. Always present at a subconscious level, battle is the conflict in our decision-making within fashion, industry and the design-process. Battle requires navigation. It produces evolution. There is also beauty to be found along the way. 

This collection witnesses evolution by way of the introduction of ‘Polygon’, a new project born out of battle with ‘Anfractuous Distortion’. Acting as an antithesis and counterpoint to the fluidity of ‘Anfractuous Distortion’, ‘Polygon’ delves into sharp angles, hard lines and highly-conceptual geometrical shapes adopted from military-hardware influences, namely the ‘Nighthawk’ fighter planes Leon has been fascinated by for years. 

Highlights from this seasons mens ‘Anfractuous Distortion’ collection include a newly developed ‘Mac’ coat. A nod to an iconic war-time piece of utility clothing, deconstructed and reimagined. An ‘Overall’, distorted and recreated around a moving body, similarly another reference to a traditional, utilitarian piece of clothing. And boot-cut, wide leg pants that offer a new, looser fit and voluminous form.

The women’s collection offers a new platform sole to the Featherweight high-top sneaker, adding height, shape and volume to the wearers silhouette. Wider leg pants offer a new style that can be worn both casually or more formally. And a new Chelsea boot with a 6cm high heel is an elegant extra to the women’s footwear range. 

Our accessories collection see’s additions to the ‘Handbag’ range, including a backpack size version and a miniature necklace version. Both intricately made and offered in leather. The jewellery collection grows, adding necklaces, several rings and brackets.

Underlining this seasons collection is the artwork titled ‘Thin Red Line’, a 1854 painting by acclaimed artist Robert Gibb. A classical battle scene featuring colours that have influenced the co lours of the collection. Explosive reds, glimmers of gold and beige, vivid greens and atmospheric greys used across the clothing and footwear reflect those in the painting, and after immediately resonating with and inspiring Leon, its guided us on how to conceptualise and realise a ‘battle’ within our collection.

Photography: 70×7 Production
Styling + Assisting: Callum Edmonds, Giuliana Mamone