What is the material of the object?

Wood, Cotton Fabric, Steel, Industrial Foam, Epoxy Resin – weight: around 35 kg

How do you come to the idea, what is your inspiration?

Generally, with my ANFRACTUOS DISTORTION forming technique, I always need an example from nature. May it be a human body for clothing, a vertebra for jewelry or anything else. For this particular piece, I started with a classical chair. The idea was just to form around it, thus creating a new abstract form, but based on an existing chair.
After playing around with it a bit, I realized I did not find the original form very inspiring. I ended up dismantling the existing chair to only use certain parts of it. At the same time I kept adding structures to it, creating a whole different base shape, rather than just derivating an existing chair.
I kept going with the shaping process until I felt it was done.

What kind of feeling/ story/ thinking/ philosophy do you want to transmit to the audiences?

The whole piece is more a feeling itself – deeply enrouted in my design philosophy – pure essence of creation. No sketches, no inspiration, just emotion of concave and convex forms.

Is there any connection with your artwork?

I always say I only had one idea in my whole life. It’s really about translating that idea to numerous fields. The connection all my works share is the passion for shape. What separates my artworks to pieces that need to be something like clothing or jewelry is that my artworks can be whatever the viewers want it to be. I really liked this about working on the chair, that I suddenly lost the thought that it had to be a chair and purely started working on shape. This really separates it from other product that I have made. So due to not thinking about function while creating the shape, it is much closer to a sculpture than to a chair, making it a hybrid.

How do you think the relationship between art and design?

Design has to be something, art can be anything

Will you continue to create furniture?

Definitely – I just really got into it while working on this piece

What were you thinking when you were making it?

At one point I thought the original form is too boring and just started shaping without thinking.

Assistant: Giuliana Maria Mamone