Space: Rue Martel
City: Paris
Year: 2023
Curation: Leon Emanuel Blanck

10 years. 10 sculptures. 10 specimens.

Since his emergence a decade ago, Leon Emanuel Blanck has pushed the boundaries of fashion with his Anfractuous Distortion technique. Creating and building a universe based on a singular vision. Re-imagining the very concept of traditional garment-making.

10 sculptures now celebrate these 10 years. 10 specimens. 10 samples to exemplify the whole.

Standing 2 metres tall and assembled over X-ray exoskeletons inspired by Blanck’s ‘Fractures’ series of artworks, each specimen consists of key archival components representing previous collections and achievements. Items once conceived with movement in mind are now frozen-in-time in 50 litres of epoxy resin. A moment-in-time captured. With them comes the creation of new objects with divergent meanings. Artefacts. Remnants of the past. The convergence of fashion, history and art 10 years in the making.

Photography: Matthew Reeves