Anfractuous Distortion Sculpture

Space: Gallery Convergences
City: Paris
Year: 2013
Curation: Laura Mahlberg

Leon created the first sculptures as a natural consequence of his way of pattern-making with the start of his eponymous label in 2012. His artistic path, which follows the self-named philosophy Anfractuous Distortion, is guided by thoroughly wrapping the body from head-to-toe with all its movements and irregularities.
During this time, Leon created the patterns on himself by way of Anfractuous Distortion. The sculptural patterns could either be used to craft his garments or to make the first full-body sculptures. Taking inspiration with reference to how Greek and Roman sculptures were carved out of Marble, the first figurative sculptures were created with industrial foam to fill them to an aesthetically pleasing shape, and finished off with multiple coatings of resin.