Aqua Regia

Space: Lucid Interval
City: Paris
Year: 2019
Curation: Leon Emanuel Blanck

The sculpture was created by Leon Emanuel Blanck in late 2019 and was first presented in Paris during his Spring/Summer 2020 collection. The piece reflects Blanck’s personal thoughts about diving into new spheres of life and taking risks. The sculpture was made using epoxy resin, metal pins, cotton fabric and industrial foam, which are materials commonly used in Blanck’s artistic practice. The piece could also be interpreted as a self-portrait, as it embodies Blanck’s pathway and vision as well as his desire to push the boundaries. Through “Diving Man,” Blanck offers a unique perspective on the human experience.

Diving Man 2019
epoxy resin
metal pins
cotton fabric
industrial foam

Photography: Philipp Altheimer