Space: Rene Schmitt Druckgraphik
City: Berlin
Year: 2019
Curation: Rene Schmitt

Ersatz is an art installation created by Leon Emanuel Blanck in 2019 for Rene Schmitt Druckgrafik. The name Ersatz is a German word for substitute, and the installation consists of a headless body, a counterpart, and hand-drawn construction plans. The piece was created during a time of distress and hardship for Blanck, following his move to Berlin. The word Ersatz reflects his personal feelings and emotions during this period, and the installation offers a unique perspective on the concept of substitution in life. Through his use of a headless body and construction plans, Blanck explores themes of loss, absence, and replacement, inviting viewers to contemplate the complexities of the human experience.

cotton fabric
metal pins
industrial foam
epoxy resin



Photography: René Schmitt