Fractures II

Space: Galerie Nadan
City: Berlin
Year: 2021
Exhibition: Duo with Jakub Kubica
Curation: Dan Chen
Assistant: Giuliana Maria Mamone
Light installation: Callum Edmonds

Surface and space, the body and its shadows, the visible and the invisible form a dazzling liaison in Leon Emanuel Blanck’s objects. Blanck’s sculptural process involves the sewing and moulding together of X-ray photographs into voluminous configurations that can be seen as reinterpretations of organic forms, or as the creation of new ones. Whether suspended from the ceiling or presented in resin frames that freeze the new organisms in time, the sculptures start to appear as three-dimensional X-rays of Blanck’s new creatures. Blanck’s works connect with space, correspond and communicate with one another, and create translucence around difference and repetition. In each case, the works are physical counterparts that hold form, and freedom as well as similarity and strangeness in abeyance.