Space: hb55
City: Berlin
Year: 2022
Exhibition: Duo with Tim van den Oudenhoven
Curation: Tim van den Oudenhoven

INTERSECT is a duo presentation by visual artists Leon Emanuel Blanck and Tim van den Oudenhoven, combining Blanck’s bold sculptural works with a number of van den Oudenhoven’s experimental photographic pieces. Both artists move away from reality and realistic forms in order to find their own truth. Abstract as well as figurative approaches are used to allow the viewer to approach and interpret the work for themselves.

Blanck’s sculptural process involves the sewing and moulding together of X-ray photographs into voluminous configurations that can be seen as reinterpretations of organic forms or the creation of new ones. The new shapes are either suspended from the ceiling or presented in a resin frame that freezes this new organism in time, almost as if the entire sculpture is the threedimensional X-ray of this new creature.

Van den Oudenhoven’s work focuses on how the medium of photography can be pushed by various means, employing both analogue as well as digital techniques to come to an original image, which may or may not be recognisable. Both in his landscape works and works that focus on the human form, the feeling of uncanniness (the familiar unfamiliar) is pervasive throughout.

Photography: Tim van den Oudenhoven

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